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Importance of Precision Machining to Determine Appropriate Inspection Methods

  We have to choose the correct method of use in precision machining so that no problems occur. There are three-dimensional, two-dimensional, altimeter and other precision detection equipment commonly used in mechanical processing plants. In precision parts processing inspection, general inspection methods include: direct inspection method, indirect inspection method, contact amount method, and non-contact amount method. In the actual inspection work, these methods have certain relativity. Therefore, in the actual operation process, the actual situation of precision component inspection should be used as a basis. Through scientific comparison and analysis of these different inspection methods, a suitable Testing method.


  First of all, the relevant content required in the machining design drawings of precision machinery parts should be checked and verified with the quality standards of the parts; secondly, the quality of the parts during the process of observation should be observed and judged to see if there are any defects The problem exists, and the shape and surface of the part should be inspected to confirm whether it meets the design requirements and expected standards. Third, select reasonable testing tools and measure the precision of precision parts. Fourth, check the location of precision parts Check whether there is any error in the accuracy, and record the relevant inspection data and content to prevent missing issues in the overall inspection work.


  In terms of quality inspection of mechanical parts, the reasonable selection of testing tools is the top priority, and the actual testing situation should be used as a basis when selecting:


  1. Use the height ruler and optical instruments to summarize the measurement process of parts. The measurement range has certain standard limits. Only when the exact size is within this range can the inspection tools be used for inspection;


  2. Tools such as ring gauges have fixed invariant values in the inspection of precision parts;


  3. In the process of mechanical parts processing quality inspection, because its measurement environment and measurement location are not fixed, when selecting a measurement tool, it should be based on the specific measurement environment, select a targeted tool for measurement, and need to understand and study Based on this, the design drawings of the parts can ensure that the selected measuring tool is more reasonable, can it make it have practical application value, and ensure that it can play a better role in the actual inspection process.